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Amy Wilmington

I am a native to the Chicagoland area currently living in Oak Park. I received my masters in art therapy and believe in using art to communicate and connect with others. I chose to concentrate my paintings on animals because animals have personality and depth. How we see them defines who we are and what we want. Painting animals allows me to pay attention to the details and meanings of my world and the animals who inhabit it. For many of my animal paintings, I used a multilayered approach with watercolor, adding and removing layers. It’s through this process that I see the value and significance of the everyday.

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Anna Todaro

Anna self published (wrote and illustrated) Everyone Can Hula Hoop but me...in 2013 and , SillyFace, in November 2014. Anna has more stories in the works to self publish in 2015 including The Little Book of Laughing and The Hatchi Catchi Wu. Anna has been showing art around the united states in coffee shops, on the street, at festivals, and in a few galleries including LunarBoy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon and Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, since 2004 after graduating with her BFA from Northern Illinois University. Anna lived and worked in Portland, Oregon for six years where she hosted a non-profit and very unique art gallery, The Coeur. The Coeur, at only 3' high, was a very unique gallery which housed over 36 art shows in it's four year existence including a Crawl in Satin Womb my Amy Jorgensen, A Paper Mache Crawl in Puppet Theatre by Alisha Wessler, A Dance Performance by POV Dance, a 200 person Group Show, and work by many of Portland's finest artists including Amy Ruppel, Jill Bliss, Jennifer Mercede, Chris Haberman, Jesse Reno, Morgaine Faye, Ashley Montegue, Nicole Linde, Flora Bowley, Chuck E Bloom and many many more. Anna currently lives and works from her Art Studio in East Pilsen and is planning a big year of showing Art in Festivals, Face Painting, making new work, and self Publishing The Little Book of Laughing and The Hatchi Catchi Wu.

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Elizabeth Tuckwell Paintings

Elizabeth Tuckwell, originally from Evanston, IL has lived in Chicago since 2005. Before that she was traveling and living in The Netherlands where her self taught painting style truly developed. “Painting and drawing became the way I processed my world and my experiences. And they still are. Art has always been my breathing space.” Ironically she did not discover her love and talent for the arts until a needed college requirement forced her to take her first art class, metalsmithing. ” It was love at first sight and I never stopped the artistic journey.” From there, she was given a manual camera – and a love for photography, and the darkroom process, began. Painting began to unfold as she embarked on solo traveling a move to a foreign country. “It was a time when I did not have a cell phone. I was exploring the world and there were some awkward times when I did not speak the language nor know anyone, I had to find my own type of solace. That for me was my artwork. It was both a comfort, a friend and an incredible way to witness my own life. ” Now she celebrates art with her little girl, Violette, a six year old tour de force of talent. “Violette is incredibly talented and inspires me on my own creative journey every single day!” Elizabeth has also developed a process of teaching her abstract style to others and combining it with meditation techniques. “I believe everyone has creative talent, and when we can move past the monkey mind we can tap into an incredible space inside of ourselves where the potential is limitless. I love helping people discover that part of themselves.”

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Emmy Star Brown

Emmy Star Brown is a Chicago-based painter, illustrator, calligrapher and pattern designer. Her clean and monochromatic palette is reflective of her graphic design background, as well as her love for modern design. Her seamless designs are always created freehand. Emmy is best recognized for her lettering and array of original commissioned work. She paints with graceful precision across various materials, including glass, canvas, wood and mirror. Her custom work ranges from personalized glass paintings and wedding signage to abstract wall murals. Emmy loves collaborating with individuals and creative brands alike. She has years of experience creating artwork for residential and commercial projects, as well as painting live at events. She also licenses her illustrations.

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There is defintely a touch of synchronicity, luck and a spirited fashion that goes into each piece." After earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan State University, I furthered my design education at Parson's School of Design in New York City. After many years of running the Interior Design company Chic Home Chicago, inc., I noticed a void and a demand for affordable, inspiring artwork. I started to design and paint large scale paintings for my clients. Creating custom pieces with homeowners, architects and designers is where my passion lies. The inspiration for my paintings pull from all facets of design; from graphic to interiors to fashion. I am influenced by a contemporary color palette as well as vintage fashion & textiles.

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Heart Of An Astronaut

Hi, I'm Shannon. I am a Chicago based, Free Lance Artist from Tucson, Arizona. I moved to Illinois so I could attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), which I just graduated from in December of 2016. I am experienced in multiple mediums, which allows me to maintain a consistent creative flow. Though I'm mostly known for my murals, I also enjoy working with fibers, print making, book making, animation & video. The subject matter that inspires my work most is the pursuit of happiness through a hollistic life style. This is expressed from a range of beautiful, amusing imagery to obvious "social service announcement"-esque pieces, reminding myself of the simple things like staying hydrated and how to get through Seasonal Affective Disorder. I am currently working as a Full Time Free Lance Artist, specializing in murals. It hit me one day in 2015 that I was turning down art gigs because I was busy working in a restaurant?! So I decided to take the leap into self employment and have never been happier. I love the diversity of my clients and it soothes my soul to make their mural dreams come true.

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hello amanda shell

Hello! I'm Amanda Shell, the PoPtimist Artist! I like to make art that kicks your heart...you know, the kind that not only is sweet to the eyes but gives you a warm fuzzy on the inside as well. I mix painted illustration with street art style. I think our words matter & I like to highlight those words that matter most. I believe that life is a lesson we will never master, everything we want is just sitting on a shelf waiting for us to discover it, & that we all need a strong shot of optimism on a daily basis. And don't forget about color, color does a body good. Pinky swear to me that you will always try to find your happy. Oh, and please be nice...trust me, it makes you wayyyyy hotter.

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Jason Michael Bentley

I am often moved to make an impression of what is beautiful and graceful. Even the simple aspects of applying a mark on paper or canvas can be a joy. And working with a suite of marks that eventually deliver form is a way of giving life all over again. I have not been an artist that desires to create something radical and leave a wake of mystification behind my every stroke. To me, for now, my drawings and paintings act as an outlet and reference to my studies and curiosities. They are embellished only by the way a unique individual can see the world as compared to another, honestly, and without agenda for something greater. I am not against exploration or fanciful ideas that help transcend one’s existence and understanding, rather, I simply enjoy growing into such a revelation by way of appreciating the smaller aspects of the application itself.

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Joe Smigielski Fine Art

The whimsical and uplifting spirit of my pieces is balanced with an edge of substance and fine technique. My work is highly sought after and collected. The paintings are done on canvas or wood blocks. I use the highest grade of acrylic and oil paints. Each painting is created completely by hand. The drawings are done with pen and ink, then colored with acrylics. The paper is acid free, the inks permanent. Each drawing is hand mounted on to a stained wood block. The sides and drawing are then sealed in a protective glaze. My drawings are 100% done by hand. The miniatures come either in a frame or on an easel. All are painted by hand on small stretched canvases. Fine details are given great attention. You have a choice of frame colors and easel colors.

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Kristin Hulka

Kristin is an artist who loves to draw, paint and sculpt. Her style is whimsical and colorful in nature expressing her upbeat take on life. She has a Fine Arts Degree but continues to discover new creative avenues for her art. She finds urban energy a constant inspiration to her art but she can also stop and appreciate the quiet beauty of a new spring blossom or the colors of the evening sky. Kristin creates original work and does not offer prints of her work. Because of this, each of her pieces is truly unique; the medium of acrylic and glass creates a fluid environment that is impossible to duplicate or create a second time. She believes art should not be judged by the size of the piece, the materials used or the technique applied but by how the viewer is moved by it from the first encounter.

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Molly Cranch

Navigating the line between abstraction and realism, Molly Cranch’s paintings are infused with light, air, and atmosphere. Inspired by nature, common subjects include complex botanical forms and delicate gestural renderings of birds and other creatures. Painting from nature has been an enduring interest of Molly’s. What began as a study in depth, pattern and color, has since evolved into a form of meditation. Painting nature builds a connection to nature in the often hectic, busy city landscape in which she lives. Molly Cranch received her BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, a K-12 certificate in art education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a certified children’s yoga teacher. She lives in Chicago with her family.

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Tanya Pshenychny is an illustrator in Chicago. She creates vibrant watercolor & ink paintings inspired by humans, nature, and human nature. Razorberries is her art studio and the fruits of her labor. The name Razorberries is a reference to the dark and the light parts of life. Also, she loves raspberries. A lot of her recent paintings illustrate the stories she writes and publishes on her social satire news blog called IllustrArticles.