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In February of 2010, Chicago fine artist Sarah deHebreard turned her focus from painting pictures to making lip balm, and Bonnie was born. Her naturally nourishing products harness the goodness that nature provides in sophisticated and creative ways, making use of natural compounds in complex and luxurious formulations. Sarah is constantly developing new formulas with a focus on sensitive skin, and searching for new and interesting ways to combine nature and science. As a self-described micro-manager with an eye for detail, Sarah handles every aspect of Bonnie on her own; including graphic and web design, product development, marketing, production, and packaging. Her best sellers include Superbalm, Body Balm Candles, and Tinted Lip Balm.

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Edgewater Candles

Edgewater Candles are handmade, rustic soy candles with a variety of wonderful fragrances. Evocative scents and herbal essences will tempt your senses. Whether you prefer woodsy, citrus, spicy, musky, or clean and fresh, we have something for everyone. The simple, label-free glass jar and neutral color fit perfectly into any decor. We are upcycling and repurposing enthusiasts. Our labels are minimal so the jar can be easily reused. After the candle is spent, wipe out any remaining soy wax with a paper towel and use a pair of pliers to remove the wick holder. The mason jar can then be used in the freezer, refrigerator, or microwaved without the lid on. Our fragrances are essential oil and fragrance oil blends and are all pthtlate free and all our wicks are free of any metals.

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ElyciaCamille Handmade Ceramic Art

All our items are handmade, by us. A husband and wife team. We're Elycia & T.J., of Elycia Camille Handmade Ceramic Art. Any minor imperfections are part of the handmade process, our artist fingerprints you could say.

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Eric Erf Woodworking

My mission is to create functional art from reclaimed barn wood, giving it a second life. For decades the wood has served purpose on rural landscapes and once that usefulness is past, I look to have it serve a new purpose in our lives, be it rural or city. For 25 years I worked on one of the trading floors. I wanted to get more of a sense of creating things and I taught myself woodworking. I work with traditional wood but found a particular satisfaction working with reclaimed wood from the farms of the Midwest. Nature has spent years forming the unique texture of the barn wood and I enjoy seeing a second life within the wood, harvesting it and forming a new function for it.

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My name is Frances and I am the arist behind the wonderously amazing robots you see here at GEEKBOTS. Its been four wonderful years since I’ve opened shop and every year has brought in opportunities for new ideas and new designs. Each order that comes through holds just as much excitement for me as my very first order. Artists will often tell you to do what you love, work hard and it will not fail you. What I’ve learned in these last few years is that my personal success isn’t determined by the number of sales or praying for the chance to “quit my day job”; rather its in actually taking what I love, investing my time, creativity and imagination into it, and being rewarded with the gift that soon enough that magic will be heading off to brighten someone’s day. That, my friends, is success for my soul and it plays a major role in the treasured happiness I have with my life.

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H.Arts Henna Artistry

My humble, home-based business is all about sharing my passion for the art of HENNA. I am a traveling henna artist offering body art services in the comfort of your home. Recently, however, I've decided to use my love for both painting and henna as way to deliver hand-painted henna-inspired items to everyone both near and far. I hope you like what you see...I put my H.art into it!

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Justin Hart Ceramics

Justin Hart is a Chicago based ceramic artist who creates functional objects of beauty.

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Lady Rene

Miranda Rowe is an artist and graphic designer currently living in “Famously Hot”, Columbia, SC. A great departure from her small home town in western, New York. With an excitement for art and design she studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduating with a bachelor of science degree in graphic design. Miranda has used her talents as a designer to create several products including her line of paint-by-number murals for kids rooms and one-of-a-kind handmade flasks. The “Lady Rene” brand defines a woman who is sophisticated, fashionable, loves all things girly and retro. I put a lot of time into my products and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. And hopefully find something you just can’t live without!!!…

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Long Dog Dandy

Pet portraits, novelty dishware, and animals as food. Because why not.

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Milton & Margie's Soy Wax Candles

Jess Snively has been running Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax Candles since 2008. She transforms discarded cans and an eclectic assortment of vintage dishware into 100% sustainable soy candles with scents inspired by the Midwest. She’s located in Chicago and lives just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, her favorite place to take her dog Wheezy when she’s not churning out soy candles. You can check out her work at Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax Candles and keep up with her craft shows, candle-making classes, and new products on Instagram and Facebook.

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Re4mado Photography

Award winning Chicago based photographer, Rossana Reformado, specializes in Polaroid SX-70 manipulations and digital infrared photography. The Polaroid SX-70 manipulations were created by projecting a slide image onto Polaroid time zero film using a Daylab unit. As the film was developing, the image was manipulated by using a sharp tool on the surface of the Polaroid to alter the image. The end result is a photograph with a “painterly effect”. Polaroid discontinued time zero film in December 2005. The infrared images were created using an infrared filter on my digital camera. The filter turns anything with chlorophyll white. The result is a summer scene which looks like a beautiful winter scene.

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Six Point Pet

At Six Point Pet, our aim is to produce original, high quality, and artfully designed dog & cat collars & leashes that connect with you, your pet, and any beholder you may encounter. Having owned and operated a pet boutique for thirteen years, many products flowed through our doors. As buyers, we gained an appreciation for well crafted and well thought out products that resonated with our customers. Now, we are applying what we learned to create our own line of pet products and making them in the city we call home, Chicago. Find a Pet, Find Yourself, Find Your Pack Tom & Missy

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Soaphappy is a collaboration by two naturally happy friends. Our skin is the largest part of our bodies and we don't want to put anything ON our body that we wouldn't also put IN it. Our quest for skin care products with no dubious chemicals, questionable preservatives or cancer causing colorants led us back to our own kitchens. Soaphappy bars are made like our vegan grandmothers would have done with vegetable oils, pure essential oils and creative blends of herbs and spices. Remember: Smells good....don't eat it!

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Tuscany Creative

My name is Katie and I am a former third grade teacher, now stay-at-home Mom of three. My kids are my inspiration for all the toys and gifts I design and make. All new creations have to be approved by my daughter Tuscany, who I named my shop after. Once I had my second child I decided to leave teaching so I could raise my daughter and son. With lots of creative energy to spare I started making fun and cute things for my six year old daughter Tuscany, my 2 year old son Agostino and my nieces in NYC. That’s when I knew I was really onto something special and decided to open my own store. Now I get to share all my creations with you! I have been in business for about 2 years and have sent my goodies to children in 40 states as well as 6 countries outside the Unites States. I also sell my creations in boutiques in New York & Chicago.