Upcoming Event: Meditation Mondays: Protect Your Energy

October 23, 2017

Set those boundaries! Join us for a one-hour, active meditation to recognize your boundaries and protect your own energy. Feeling safe allows us to interact with the world in new ways. You'll learn techniques for grounding, centering and feeling safe in your own space using your imagination and intuition!

In this workshop series, practitioner Kate Merena will lead you through a series of guided meditations. Through practice and discussion, you'll learn practical tools that you can use every day. All levels welcome!

$20 at the door
Taught offsite at Lena Rose Natural Beauty

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We’re getting ready for the holidays! Which emoji do you think would make the best ornament? Comment it below!

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Sorry, friends - I have to leave a little early tonight! Never fear, it's nothing to worry about, and I'll be back to regular hours tomorrow. #thanksforyourpatience #solopreneur #thingshappen

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#Repost How do you make sure your art is level when Chicago floors and ceilings are never quite straight? Ask Kate!

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We have four new flavors of Edgewater Candles: Pumpkin Bourbon, Winter Woodsmoke, Fraser Fir, & Tobacco Tonka. Come in before they’re gone!

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#SoundTrackSunday My One And Only Thrill by Melody Gardot. We're open until 6pm!

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Plan ahead - winter is among us! Crocheted ear warmers by Lindsay Streem.

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We are open! Pumpkin Bourbon candle burning, chill music playing, lots of new art making it warm and cozy in here. Come hang and treat yourself. #cozy #hygge #escapetherain #local #handmade #independent

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Sorry, y'all - I'm running a bit late. You know how everybody forgets how to drive when it rains... 😳🙄 See ya soon-ish!

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Decorate your garden just in time for Halloween with these incredibly spooky garden stakes by Maikes Marvels! #FridayTheThirteenth

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Did you know that our Kate Merena leads a weekly meditation workshop at @lenarosebeauty? Every Monday evening from 6:30 - 7:30, Kate will lead you through a series of guided meditations. Through practice and discussion, you'll learn practical tools that you can use every day. Beginners welcome! $20 at the door. Check our Facebook for more info!

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This year's #AppleFest was the best one yet. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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We absolutely adore these bud vases by Justin Hart Ceramics!

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Treat yoself with macaroons this fine Sunday afternoon! 🌞 Artwork by Rebecca Plotnik.

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Sending good wishes to all the runners today! #chicagomarathon #running #yougotthis #finishline

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Sitting in the shop a moment ago, I heard a joyful noise erupt from in front of @davistheater. A group of children were pointing at the sky and yelling RAINBOW! I ran out just in time to see it. Thank you, kids, for your enthusiasm – you made my day! #love #nature #happy #rainbow #silverlinings #ioy #neighbors

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What ya up to this weekend, Chicago!? Chicago State of Mind by Dark Island City

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Complete your look with these gorgeous earrings from Sugar Vibe Jewelry! #FeaturedArtistFriday

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It's the perfect evening for a FREE one card #tarot reading! Come into the shop and mention this post to Kate for a free reading.

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Bring some Spring scents into your Autumn with Bonnie Perfume Oils! #PickOfTheWeek

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Bring happy into your home with this gorgeous work of art by Emmy Star Brown. #MotivationMonday