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Alison Slak

I am an interdisciplinary artist who loves incorporating play into my work. Majority of my practice stems around integrating art into communities and is also deeply rooted in spirituality. With everything I create I keep in mind the Zulu word ubuntu which translates to "I am because we are" or the spirit of togetherness. I began the wood burnings during a time when I was in need of meditation and self discovery. The process itself is incredibly meditative and intricate. Each work brought me lasting peace and I hope they bring you the same. The air fresheners/shower steamers include eucalyptus for mental clarity and lavender for relaxation. Each fossil and gem piece are also infused with heart opening or grounding energies for you this holiday season! I am excited to be working with Sacred Art and hope my pieces bring you joy and clarity!

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Broad Street

Broad Street is a collective of small batch jewelry, gemstones and ritual tools. Each item within the collection is a distinct vision, a juxtaposition of materials translated through metalwork and the craft of ritual. Broad Street transforms folklore into adornment, embracing a native spirit that inspires beauty and respect for the tradition of craft and holistic devotion. Broad Street connects to your spirit and adorns you.

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Kostick Glass Jewelry

Etta is compelled by jewelry in its many different forms and applications. She grew up in the woods and by the seashore in Massachusetts, in a family of glassblowers. After moving to Chicago in 2007 she started experimenting with stained glass, attracted to the many colors, textures, and its relationship to light. Over the years Etta's fascination with jewelry has grown and has lead her to pursue and experiment with different methods of manipulating glass and metal. Crushed gemstones with metal inclusions, hand faceted fused glass, and intricate soldering work are some of the techniques Etta uses in her jewelry. She loves the transformative properties that occur when integrating multiple materials together. Etta's love of jewelry was initially inspired by tribal jewelry and adornments she had collected from South Asia. Strong shapes and the feeling of empowerment they give to the wearer are elements that inspire her. Her jewelry incorporates bold designs as well as more delicate and organic elements that emulates things she sees in nature. Etta is constantly exploring and developing new visions for her work in jewelry.

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Michelle Starbuck Designs

Michelle Starbuck Designs began in 2005 to meet a need for affordable and unique handmade jewelry. What once was a random collection of vintage charms and findings, became the first pieces in the MSD jewelry line. From simple beginnings making a few pieces at a time, the collection has changed and grown into a well edited line of jewelry that balances organic and geometric design. While the business has significantly grown in the last eleven years, the original goal has remained the same. Michelle Starbuck Designs will always remain affordable, unique, and handmade in Chicago.

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Nomadic Ant

Nomadic Ant is a constantly evolving collection of jewelry & accessories, some of which we design & other pieces we collect & collaborate with artists & designers from around the world.

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Pajaro Negro

Using ethically sourced flora and fauna, Pajaro Negro art sets to give the forgotten and morbid by bringing them into a new and hauntingly beautiful light.

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Prairie Kate Creations

Katy Higgins is a Chicago-based artist, observer, and jack of all trades. She graduated with a BA in Art & Design from Columbia College Chicago in 2011. She works in a wide variety of media, from paint to clay to handcrafting jewelry, and many others in between. She adds a dash of whimsy to everything she creates, and often incorporates origami into uncommon applications. She enjoys balloons, roller coasters, maps, heights, croissants, and miniatures. She dislikes centipedes and being late.

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Purple and Lime

purpleandlime is a line of super-fun and luxurious womenswear, jewelry, and accessories created by Rebecca George. Based in Chicago, it features a mix of comfortable separates and couture statement pieces with an emphasis on color and texture. Favorite materials include fake fur, acrylic, and felt. purpleandlime clothing and accessories are easily mixed-and-matched both with pieces in each collection and with items that the shopper already has in her closet. Rebecca is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and attended Walnut Hills High School. She graduated from the University of Michigan in Art History and Geology and then earned a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from the American Intercontinental University in London, England. Highlights of her career include having several pieces from her graduation collection featured in the international fashion magazine i-D (UK, Feb. 2007) and working on men’s leather pouches for the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age (which won an Oscar for Best Costume).

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Rachel Ourada

Rachel O creates unique fabric button jewelry from her custom fabric in her studio located in Omaha Nebraska. She is inspired by inside jokes, cute animals, and tasty foods. With over 250 different designs in earrings, hairpins, cuff links, and pendants, she has something for everyone! Whether you are looking for an everyday or special occasion accessory, Rachel O's Fabulous Whimsy has you covered.

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Redbud Jewelry

Redbud Jewelry marries my love of nature and organic design with modern casting and fabricating techniques. All pieces are hand cast or fabricated by me and all are one of a kind or limited run out of my studio in the Avondale neighborhood. I use non-traditional, natural materials combined with modern lost wax casting and fabrication techniques to create jewelry that is at once rustic and modern. From casting honeycomb in bronze for a necklace, to turning wax drippings into rings, I like to take materials not conventionally thought of as "beautiful" and use traditional jewelry techniques to create pieces that remind the wearer of the beauty that is indigenous to our natural world.

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Spinal Fusion

My resurgence of crafting came while recovering from a 'spinalfusion' surgery in 2004, when my daughter introduced me into the current DIY scene. I have always appreciated and admired all things handmade. Although I dabble in a bit of all crafting, my main focus is now jewelry and accessories made from new, vintage and found objects.

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Substance Designs

substance designs jewelry, an indie collection made from handpicked and globally collected materials, is assembled by hand in the Chicago studio of Carolyn Healy. Great consideration is given to the materials, textures, colors, the way light reflects or passes through each, and the source of the components. With years of creative experience making stained glass, a Masters in Literature, and a Design education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Carolyn combines creativity, discipline, and keen eye for simple lines to create the substance designs jewelry line. substance designs is driven to charitable giving, purchases components locally and through independent sellers, and support products made in the USA.

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Sugar Vibe Jewelry

Enameled jewelry and hammered metal jewelry

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True Partners in Craft

Alexis Ellers under the name, True Partners In Craft acquires used bicycle inner tubes from friends and friendly bicycle shops across Chicago. She then cleans, cuts, hole punches, strings, twist and sews them into a variety of jewelry and accessories. Thanks to the many pot holes and broken glass strewn across Chicago bike lanes, True Partners In Craft is able to create beautiful recycled jewelry. Everything is 100% vegan - so vegan that many of these tubes came from bicycles ridden by vegans.

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Weener Ware

Classy & refined recycled bottle cap jewelry