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Jes Switaj

Jes Switaj makes each tie by hand by using fantastic silks in almost every color you can imagine.  She then hand-sikscreens each tie with her fantastic, original designs. So awesome. Please get in touch with us for custom orders, colors and/or images!

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Lindsay Streem Designs

Lindsay Streem Designs really began when I made my first doily for the 4-H fair back in Missouri. When I moved to Chicago for college I needed a winter hat and scarf so I picked up my hook. After many inquiries about where I got my hat I started selling at local art fairs. After college I started working at the specialty jewelry department at a Marshall Field's on State Street while working on my knitwear part time. I met a lot of local jewelry designers and they inspired me to start making my own jewelry including crochet pieces. I was selling on Ebay and found out about this cool new site called Etsy and everything changed. I spent the next decade or so working full-time in big retail moving around in the visual merchandising and display world. I worked on my crochet part time designing and publishing patterns, honing my craft and doing a lot of flipping around without focus on my brand. I was selling like crazy at local events and local Chicago shops and didn't have much time to focus on my online shop. 2013 was the turning point for everything. I was pregnant with my son and driving back and forth from Chicago to Joplin, MO to help take care of my mother who was terminally ill. I lost my mom the next year and a few months after that found out that baby number two was on her way. This brings us to 2016 and I needed to seriously re-evaluate my business and if it was worth continuing. My husband had a job change and we picked up our life and moved to Florida the summer of 2016. The sunshine and warm weather have been good for the creative spirit because I've gotten a renewed focus and clear direction. Staying home with two toddlers has given me a sense of focus, drive and organization. My business continues to grow each day and I'm looking forward to an exciting future! Everything you find in my shop was designed and crafted by my own hands. I put many hours into designing patterns and researching the perfect textiles for each project. Each piece is made from quality materials with topnotch craftsmanship. Crocheted beads, tassels and other components are all made in house. Some knitting is done by machine and finished by hand.

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Megan Lee Designs

Every Megan Lee Design begins with a pencil drawing that is screen printed by hand using water-based, environmentally-friendly inks. Their high-quality, visually appealing designs can be found on apparel, totes, and greeting cards and are inspired by Megan’s love of animals, nature and the Midwest. MLD continues to create happiness for each of their customers by providing their unique brand of handmade goodness.

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Monica Zanetti Designs

It’s easy to get to know Monica through her artwork. She is as colorful a person as the paint as she uses in her paintings. She is passionate about her family, friends, and an activist for education and women’s rights! With deep roots in California and Mexico, Monica carries with her inspiration from Mexico's Cobble Stone Towns to Chicago’s North Side. Monica paints what she sees and feels. If you get a close look at any piece you’ll notice the many layers that make each piece. Many of her works have multiple media that dance in harmony to tell a story. As an artist, Monica has had her work adorn walls from San Francisco's City Hall to local spots such as Orange Chicago, Denim Lounge and Wishbone North. She’s boasted many solo shows and has even begun a popular commission offering of pet portraits. With this said, Monica is much more than an artist. What gets her going the most is giving back. She loves to help young people find their passion and is always volunteering at her children’s elementary school in North Chicago. Monica’s a fierce champion for women’s rights and her new line of T-shirts does all the talking. "The Chingona” for example, is a “Rosie the Riveter” inspired piece that tells the tale of the modern woman’s strength. Monica loves people and is commonly called a “social butterfly” by her husband. She loves to focus events around her art showings and always puts on a good show. Monica is a fun loving mother of three. She’s a California girl that moved to Chicago five years ago and loves the tight knit neighborhood feel North Chicago has provided. Be on the lookout for more locations to hold Monica’s artwork and shirts because she is ready to share her vision with anyone wanting to join her!

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One Strange Bird

One Strange Bird carries a carefully curated selection of unique apparel, accessories, and gifts from local and national designers. We also make a variety of printed apparel and home wares in our back studio!

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Sundae Crochet Co.

Welcome to Sundae Crochet Co.! This little shop focuses on creating functional crochet goods, from scarves to spa sets. All handmade! My goal is to provide the warmest and cutest crochet goods for you and your loved ones. Sundae Crochet Co is named after my puppy Sundae, who's an adorable carin terrier mix. She loves to snuggle up to me as I crochet away, as seen in my photos, so it seemed fitting to name the shop after her!

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Tekhni Wovens

Born in 2013, Tekhni is the culmination of art, design and babywearing. I am Alisa DeMarco: babywearing mom to Vincent, Dominic, Gianna and Anthony, and wife to Nick. I am a painter, graphic designer, dye artist and textile designer. I have found comfort in the cloths I use to carry my children and want to share this love with others. At Tekhni, I have made the pledge to create wraparound slings and accessories from the finest resources, finished by hand in Grayslake, Illinois. A variety of yarns and blends are used in my wraps– cotton, linen, silk, Repreve®, Tencel®, and more– chosen for beauty and comfort. Everything is finished lovingly by Tekhni’s local seamstresses. I am a small, woman-owned business based out of the Chicagoland area of the United States. As an experienced babywearer, Trained Babywearing Consultant through CBWS and an active member of BWI Chicagoland, I am committed to local education and resources. Tekhni is a proudly home-grown company. Tekhni sourced mills are some of the best in the world, producing a variety of fine textiles for a wide number of markets and applications, including Tekhni woven slings. These chosen mills have been carefully selected to meet the needs and desires of our customers. Tekhni is a proud member of the BCIA, committed to the sling industry and helping educate consumers on best-wearing practices. It’s my passion to have natural and safe slings available to all caregivers worldwide. I am excited to bring Tekhni wovens into your home and into your everyday life.

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Thimble & Tag

Hi! I’m Megan from Thimble & Tag — my handmade textiles company located in the heart of Chicago. I was introduced to sewing as a little kid but it wasn’t until recent years that I decided to pick it up and offer up my creations online and in local shops. I focus primarily on hand painted throw pillow covers, totes, wristlets, keychains, purses, clutches and zippered pouches. The inspiration for my pieces really come from me. I like to design products that are something I would want to carry. The fun for me comes with picking out all the colorful and happy fabrics and finding cute combinations that are one-of-a-kind. Painting my own look on some blank fabric has become a signature of my brand and I think really helps me offer truly standout pieces.