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Cloud Bomb slow-melting bath bomb 4 oz net weight / 20 minutes

Cloud Bomb floats effortlessly across the water, leaving a soft cloud of foam in its wake. Your skin will feel like velvet and your tub will be free from slippery oils, for a truly relaxing time in the bath. The unique formula of Cloud Bomb allows it to melt slowly in the bath, releasing fragrance continually. Nutrient-rich avocado oil solubilizes into the bath water, leaving no slippery film or stains behind. After draining the tub, any tapioca starch that may have settled can be easily rinsed away.

Cloud Bomb arrives wrapped in matte silver foil to protect it until you're ready to enjoy. After removing the wrapping, tuck it into a drawer to scent your linens.

  • Blackberry Cloud Bomb is simultaneously warm, fruity, and herbal. Fresh juice from crushed blackberries swirl together with fresh sage and white tea leaves.
  • Juniper Cloud Bomb makes a welcome treat on a cold winter's night. The bright scent of snow-covered juniper trees is met with a hint of peppercorn and spice.
  • Orchard Cloud Bomb captures the experience of visiting an orchard in the late summer. The sharp freshness of ripe apples plucked from the tree combines with the soft essence of apple blossoms.
  • Pumpkin Cloud Bomb combines the best of autumn. Rich pumpkin and crisp apples are lightly dressed in warm cinnamon for a comforting experience.

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