Productivity Quote 8x10 Print

Brittany Bouyer

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As a part of Brittany's project #everydaypeptalks, this design was brought to life from her own experience. That she does't have to deserve things because I'm overworking herself. The constant feeling of needing to be productive does horrible things to us mentally. Take a break and remember being productive all the time will lead to burn out and does NOT make you more worth of anything. This print was inspired to remember that the the thoughts we tell ourselves reflect the way we feel and it's important to speak to ourselves as we hope others would too! If you love a good kindness reminder or know a friend who needs one, this print is the perfect addition to any room and would complete any gallery wall!

Print Details: 

Emerald green colored background

Illustrated woman with detailed motifs + hand lettering

Art nouveau style with florals covering a warm mustard colored secondary background

Size: 8" x 10" 

Edge to edge design (no borders)

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